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Changing the Internship Experience: Applying Theory to Practice

Mentoring the Next Generation of Providers serving Victims of Crime 

Lea S. Denny 
CEO & Founder HIR Wellness Institute  

"It's time for a change in the way an internship looks and feels.  We must invest in the next generation of leading professionals."

- Lea S. Denny, CEO & Founder HIR Wellness Institute  

HIR Wellness Institute (HIRWI) believes in investing in our future helpers, healers, and professionals by improving their internship experience while collectively serving Victims of Crime through counseling, social services, advocacy, and care coordination. At HIR Wellness, we focus on more than an internship. HIRWI CEO & Founder, Lea S. Denny developed a mentorship process that teaches students to recognize their strengths and growth areas, including attending to their healing process, before entering the workforce. HIRWI teaches self-healing strategies, promote self-compassion, and most of all, provide them opportunities to learn and grow how to integrate these practices. These life-skills allow them to understand how they must buffer to prevent vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. HIRWI focuses on personal and professional growth because the next generation of carers must know how to heal holistically. This experience can be transformational and generational for interns.

Interns receive their practicum, internship, or field placement hours by providing direct mental health services to victims of crime through our center


To learn more about HIRWI students and Integrated Medicine Practice they experience:

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Odessa Peters - 2020-2021 Intern