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Community Activated Medicine

What is CAM?

Community Activated Medicine, abbreviated to 'CAM', was coined and developed by our CEO and Founder, Lea S. Denny. CAM is where healing ways and community activism intersect to create action-oriented wellness; it is where the people are the medicine. This approach  has two parts, to inform the community and providers and to activate their action on how the be part of process in addressing the healing needed for communities and creating change for the generations of our past, and future. CAM is both a noun and verb; it is a process for mending social fabric through healing connections and the process of activating these community-informed spaces. It is where we protect and share our sacred healing traditions in collaboration with inclusive mental health ways to support the healing of the one's mind, body, heart, and spirit for the community, and the greater global plane. 

Clicking on a Tablet

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Daughters of Tradition Go To Washington D.C. 

As the next phase of their leadership development, the DOT mentors and ambassadors set their sights and goals to meet with national leaders, visionaries, and community organizers in Washington D.C for 2022! 


This Podcast provides a dynamic, intern-led opportunity to practice mental health without borders. Join us as we engage in challenging conversations for our healing, and together we will activate our medicine as a community.


This unique award is for survivors of trafficking or their family members who have dreams and aspirations to carry on their loved one's legacy. At HIRWI we believe that advocacy, healing, and repair happens when we invest in the opportunities to actively work on ourselves while also caring for and serving others.


This Podcast provides a unique, youth-led opportunity for their voices to be exercised and heard. Join us as we engage our youth in conversations that highlight their collective experiences, teachings, and adventures.