Clinical Services

& Research Interns

I am a daughter/friend/cat-mom/student/worker that identifies as a White Jewish queer woman. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I currently am a Graduate Student at Mount Mary University and work at Rogers Behavioral Hospital as a Residential Care Specialist. I come to HIR with an open mind and fierce willingness to learn. I have always wanted to help people and am so appreciative of the opportunity to support others at HIR. I believe in community and in the idea that being connected to each other helps us heal. 

I love cooking, painting, hiking, and hanging out with my friends. I love being creative with drawing/painting/coloring, feeding my devotion to mindful work and non-work. Although it is difficult to stay in the present moment, I think that being mindful is incredibly beneficial for balance and self-creation. I am excited to be a part of the HIR community of healers and am honored to be able to contribute.

Counseling Intern

Odessa Peters

Public Health &

Social Service Interns

Hello! I am a Graduate student at UW Milwaukee studying Social Work with an emphasis in Mental and Behavioral Health. I recently graduated from UW Oshkosh with my Bachelor’s in Social Work. During my time in Oshkosh I worked with families in the foster care system, supervising visits with children and their biological parents. I also had the opportunity to work at a mental health treatment facility with inmates on stabilizing their mental health. From these experiences my passion to help others has only grown stronger. Not only have my professional experiences driven me into this field, but so have my personal experiences. As someone who has struggled with my own mental health, I strive to be an advocate for underserved communities whom also come from adverse experiences. I have been blessed with this opportunity to intern for HIR Wellness and am honored to be a part of an institute that is paving the way for the family we serve.

Social Work Intern

Mariah Jensen

Nyob Zoo (Hello)! I am a first-generation Hmong American and identify as a gay man. My family arrived in the United States in 1993 from Laos as refugees and I am the firstborn in the United States. I grew up in poverty and saw the struggles that many people in my community had to deal with and this motivated me to pursue my education in social work. I want to bring positive change and create a safe supportive space for the Hmong and underserved communities. I have experience working with individuals experiencing homelessness, AODA and/or mental health problems, victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults, and individuals with legal problems.  I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and plan to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I ultimately want to give back to the Hmong community and help address gender roles, domestic violence, human trafficking, and break down the stigma of mental health. 


I am excited to be apart of HIR Wellness to learn how to incorporate culture and other healing practices to help not only individuals, but families, communities, and generations as well. I am honored for this internship opportunity to work with such passionate people who go above and beyond to bring positive change to the Indigenous and underserved communities.

Social Work Intern

John Yang

Non-Profit Management

& Administrative Interns

Accepting applications! 
Please contact us to learn more about Non-profit management and administrative internship opportunities. 
Support Services Director
Deanna Schwenner, MPA 

"Illness becomes wellness when I becomes We"
Healing Intergenerational Roots for All Nations-One Tribe 

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