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HIR Wellness


A Place to Grow.


The Institute is our hub and informs our team of staff and interns on culturally responsive and respectful practices. Our training approach equips and inspires providers with cutting-edge and emerging practices around trauma-informed healing. It serves as the incubator where practitioners across all healing disciplines engage in collaboration, integration, and teachings that fuse the Intergenerational Healing Approach™ and our Ancestral ways.


Our master instructors, global knowledge-seekers, and authentic community partners share their teachings and grow together for the next generation of healing leaders. This is where your internship is nurtured, developed, and valued.

CAM™ is in everything we do; the people are the medicine. It means, inform to activate healing. Our Institute [informs] and our center [activates] this vision of innovating the next generation of healers, providers, helpers, stewards, and community organizers. 



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Meet Our Team

We are a survivor and women-led organization. Get to know the HIR Wellness core team. We invite you to explore more about who we are, our leaders, and what has called us to this vision.

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Governance & Mentorship

We invite you to explore more about our board, clinical supervisors, and healing-informed mentors.

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Mentorship Impact on Workforce Development

We offer a bold, collective learning experience with HIR Wellness to learn about CAM™ and community resilience. The impact of this mentorship and internship practice for emerging and existing practitioners in the field will transform the way we practice as we inform the next generation of counselors, advocates, and healers on the frontline.​


To learn more about our impact on new professionals, check out their testimonial videos below! 

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Interdisciplinary Track

HIR Wellness embodies an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to all practices. We embrace the differing perspectives, experiences, and fields of expertise that are essential to maintain balance and growth. An omnidimensional understanding of the healing teachings and disciplines matters.​

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Training & Speaking

Learn about the ways HIR Wellness is able to support your organization and audience with our vast teachings, experiences, and medicines.​

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