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Mental Health Without Borders™ Forum

September 27-29, 2023
8:30 AM Registration & Resources | Training 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

HIR Wellness Institute
Wgema Campus, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Join us at the CAM™ Mental Health Without Borders™ Forum, a groundbreaking event dedicated to exploring innovative approaches and solutions for mental health on a global scale.


This is a free training to learn how to volunteer at one of our Mental Health Without Borders™ CAMPsites™. Working in collaboration with our Milwaukee community partners such as Milwaukee Turners we are bringing community voices, experiences, and expertise to our forum. This event was made possible by Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Workforce Development Technical Assistance Forum grant. This forum aims to bridge the gaps in mental health care, transcending borders to create a world where everyone has access to comprehensive and compassionate relational support.

Participants will gain valuable insights from community practitioners, researchers, and advocates who are driving positive change in mental health initiatives. 

Learn more about Community Activated Medicine Provider Sites™ (CAMPsites) here:

CAMPsite extended photo reduced.png

Community Activated Medicine Provider Sites™ (CAMPsites™) are part of the CAM™ Mental Health Without Borders™ programs developed by Lea S. Denny. These are our “offices” in the community, and are mental health pop-up spaces to support immediate community and relational care. This is done by bringing licensed mental health and trained wellness providers, community healers, advocates, and other helping and healing professionals to shared collective spaces. CAMPsites™ are our commitment to create free access to mental health professionals and advocacy support. Learn more about how we bring CAM™ to our communities and spaces using CAMPsites™ in the following pages.

Providing free mental health and wellness services is achievable. 

In this training we provide a streamlined opportunity to learn:

  • About Community Activated Medicine Provider Sites™ (CAMPsites™).

  • How to provide CAM™ Wellness Checks and utilize screening tools & measures in community settings.

  • Helping those in need of social, emotional, and grief support in public settings.

  • Offering culturally responsive and healing informed interventions.

  • Triage in real time for more urgent mental health needs and concerns.

You will walk away with:​
  • New trauma informed language to build CAM™ informed practices.

  • A pledge on compassionate care, professionalism, and ethics in providing community care through a CAM Framework™. 

  • Understanding on current impacts of historical trauma and intergenerational trauma on public and community mental health.

  • Culturally specific and responsive community resources.

  • Core CAMPsite™ healing practices.

  • Access to our helpers and healers Community Activated Medicine™ Network.

Our vision for this forum is bold. Between October and December 2023, our goal is to collaborate with 40 helpers, healers, and providers to commit to volunteering 4 hours. Together we will be able to provide Milwaukee with 160 hours of free skilled mental health and wellness care. Utilizing Mental Health Without Borders™ CAMPsites™ we estimate we can bring over 1,600 therapeutic relational connections directly to Milwaukee residents. 


Together we can positively impact hundreds of people in our communities. It only takes one compassionate connection at a time to influence the frequency of change needed to build community health and wellbeing. Join us on this movement to heal MKE. 


Our Goal

4 hours by 40 Helpers & Providers = 160 hours of free mental health services to Milwaukee

Together we can make 1,600 therapeutic relational connections 


"It shouldn't cost you to heal."

- Lea S. Denny

This is a call to action to a growing network of professionals, providers, helpers, and healers in the field. Together we can provide heartfelt immediate and impactful service to our communities. 


Secure your ticket now and ignite change with a transformative movement towards a world where mental well-being knows no borders. Together, let us define a future for our community where mental health care is accessible at all levels.

Qualifications for registering for this training include the following:
  1. Must be willing to commit to 4 hours of volunteering at a HIR Wellness Institute CAMPsite™ in Oct. – Dec. 2023.

  2. Download and use the HIR Wellness Institute Lighthouse mobile app after the training is completed. (Releasing soon!)

  3. Must be a professional helper or provider in the health, social service, and wellness fields. This is not an entry level training; prerequisites are required and include various trainings on mental health, trauma, and toxic stress. During this training we will identify two affinity groups, Helpers & Providers



Are anyone in the community with an affinity for community wellness work. This can include spiritual/ faith keepers, advocates, community health workers, reiki practitioners, doulas, culture keepers, holistic herbalists, and more. As this is not an entry level training, a foundational knowledge around mental health will support a better understanding of the materials that will be included in this training.


To qualify for this training helpers must have some previous mental health related training, not limited to, but may include any of the following: Mental Health First Aid; Question Persuade & Refer (QPR); Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST); Psychological First Aid; Motivational Interviewing; Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); Historical Trauma training; Outward Mindset, and/or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).



Are licensed individuals in the fields of licensed counseling, social worker (MSW, APSW, LCSW), occupational therapy, nursing, art therapy, etc. Any individual signing up for this training under this qualification must at the time of the training have their certification up-to-date in the state of Wisconsin.


If you’re unsure if you qualify as a helper or provider, please reach out to our CAMPsite™ Supervisor Xavier at or call (414) 763-5815

Helpers & Healers defintions

In this training you will be informed and prepared to join our CAMPsites™ around the Greater Milwaukee area as we bring free and accessible mental health and wellness resources directly to our community members in need. 

HIR Wellness Institute is a licensed provider of the Lea S. Denny CAM Framework™ and Mental Health Without Borders™ Model (Expires 2025). To learn more about these models please visit 

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