As we seek to learn from our ancestors' teachings and the ways of governance that worked for centuries prior to colonization, we invite our Indigenous roles into colonial spaces. Shifting the paradigm from Western archetypes to Indigenous Archetypes is part of our intergenerational healing approach. Through this process, we bring roles such as Advising Elder, Fire Keeper, Earth Mother, Trickster, Healer forward. Our ways may be from many differing nations yet our resilience was always rooted in the health and wellbeing of our communities while we thrived through social & value-based economies.



Mark W. Powless

Interim Board President

Oneida Tribal member


Ben L. Callif

Vice President

A Milwaukee-based philosopher, scientist at Bader Philanthropies, Inc., YouTube educator at The Paradox Perspective, and owner of eightstep me coaching and consulting.

Skye Alloway

Interim Board Treasurer


Boniasnoke ndeshnakas, tthigwe ndodem, bodwewadmi neshnabekwe ndaw. My name is Skye Alloway; I am Thunder clan and an enrolled member of the Forest County Potawatomi Community. I am the proud mother of a beautiful family; my partner and I share eight exceptional children. I work in Cultural Preservation for my tribe, focused on the revitalization of Bodwewadmimwen (Potawatomi language). I also attend Arizona State University, studying Business Administration.


I have witnessed HIR grow from the heart’s mission of one incredible woman to a full-fledged institute with a staff of extraordinary individuals. I am humbly honored and proud to serve in this capacity and to share in learning and growing with the HIRWI team.


Skye Alloway, Forest County Potawatomi  

HIRWI Board of Directors (Treasurer)  

WI DOJ MMIW Taskforce (Co-Chair) 

Wisconsin Conservation Voters (Board Member) 

Courtney Barry, PsyD


Dr. Barry's areas of interest/experience: Create and evaluate programs that highlight integration of mental and physical health. Topics that interest include: acceptance and commitment therapy, trauma, and residency education.


Lea S. Denny

Board Member

For More information about Lea Denny, please click here

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Amy B. Bogost, JD

Board Member

Amy Blumenfeld Bogost has been practicing law since 1989 when she began as a civil rights attorney working in the areas of criminal defense and Section 1983 federal lawsuits. She continued her work in civil law in Seattle, Washington and California before settling in Madison, Wisconsin.  Amy has most recently focused her practice in the area of Federal Title IX representation of victims of sensitive crimes.



Providing in-kind clinical supervision to guide and grow the next generation of counselors! 

Hilary Wynn, MD

Volunteer Clinical Intern Supervisor, Psychiatrist

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Mark Powless, PhD

Volunteer Clinical Intern Supervisor, Psychologist

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Bruce D. Perry, M.D., PhD

Founder of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT)

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Tammy Scheidegger, PhD

Mount Mary University

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Jim Hastings, PhD

Clinical Psychologist Researcher