Matriarchal Organization 

As we seek to learn from our ancestors' teachings and the ways of governance that worked for centuries prior to colonization, we invite our Indigenous roles into colonial spaces. Shifting the paradigm from Western archetypes to Indigenous Archetypes is part of our intergenerational healing approach. Through this process, we bring roles such as Advising Elder, Fire Keeper, Earth Mother, Trickster, Healer forward. Our ways may be from many differing nations yet our resilience was always rooted in the health and wellbeing of our communities while we thrived through social & value-based economies.



Lea S. Denny

President*, CEO, Clinical Director, Founder 

Hawaiian/Filipino/Pacific Islander 


*This is an interim position. In June of 2021 the board president was offered an incredible opportunity to serve his tribe. It was always our goal to identify an Indigenous Woman and Survivors as our Board President. As our board works intentionally to identify this candidate our CEO is holding this space. It is our goal to have our next board president announced in 2022.


Ben L. Callif

Vice President


Skye Alloway

Board Treasurer

Forest County Potawatomi Tribal Member


Courtney Barry, PsyD



Mark W. Powless 

Board Member 

Oneida Nation Tribal Member 

recropped amy.jpg

Amy B. Bogost, JD

Board Member


Dr. Bruce Perry 

Mentor to the HIR Wellness CEO & Clinical Director