HIR Wellness


A Place to Heal. 


The Center is the action [services] portion of our work, where our programming fosters a community-informed practice to address the complex impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma. 


Our Center has an interdisciplinary team of practitioners and students focused on community healing, mental health, and wellness for our relatives applying an Intergenerational Healing Informed Approach™.


CAM™ is in everything we do; the people are the medicine. It means, inform to activate healing. Our Institute [informs] and our center [activates] the vision of innovating the next generation of healers, helpers, and providers. 



Community Wellness Programming 

Bringing the medicine to the people through our no-cost programming. CAM means the 'people are the medicine'. You are the medicine through the collective love, hope, and healing needed for community resilience.

Advocacy Services

Our Community & Cultural Advocacy services are available free to anyone who has been a victim of a crime and we specialize in sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and Missing & Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP). Our Indigenous Advocates walk with shared experiences and teachings that support the unique needs of Indigenous survivors.

Therapy Services

Our clinical therapy services are intergenerational and available to all relatives at no cost. Each relative receives a tailored plan for therapy that meets the needs of their healing.

Occupational Therapy Services

The occupational therapy (OT) evaluation process is focused on finding out what the survivors and their family members want and need to do and identifying the factors that act as supports or barriers to performance of desired occupations.  


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