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Community Wellness is our opportunity as individuals to participate in collective historical and intergenerational trauma healing that is rooted in a social-justice informed and  Intergenerational Healing Approach ™. By regularly creating safety, trust, and visibility together we walk beyond our individual healing and begin to recognize our shared journey. Community Wellness is CAM™ (Community Activated Medicine™), where we inform to activate and where the people are the medicine. Too often as individuals, we forget that we have the medicine within us and when we come together as a community that collective healing felt is strengthened and enriched. Our programming ebbs and flows with the seasons and our cultural teachings. To learn more about our community mental health and wellness services check out our weekly calendar and program descriptions below. 


Intergenerational Community Mental Health  


Daughters of Tradition

Since 2017, the Daughters of Tradition (DOT) group has been building sisterhood to buffer the impact and exposure to violence. This is a violence prevention, intervention, and restorative justice program. 


This collective is an intergenerational and Indigenous group that consists of multiple ages: little sisters (4-6yrs), Big Sisters (7-11yrs), Mentors (12-13yrs), and Ambassadors (14-18 yrs). 

The DOT Sisters learn healing practices, self-advocacy, stewardship, and social justice skills to bring into their homes and communities. 

Our DOT programming is  currently all virtual


Elders Book Club

Healing Through Our Stories

Elder Healing book Club is both the flagship and heart of our HIR Wellness book club healing Historical Trauma approach for Native Victims of Crime. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the book club would meet at Native-community partnering agencies in Milwaukee, WI. Our elders group moved online to continue these emotional support services.

There is an ever-growing interest to expand our elder healing programming. Currently, our elders reside locally to across the state. 

There is no limit to the healing spirit. It is an honor and privilege to bring this healing historical trauma book club to our community elders who come to read, share, and heal their stories together. 


All LIVE HIR Wellness programs have mental health professionals available for support.

Virtual LIVE Programming

Healing through Community 

These programs and services are curated in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the original WI Stay at Home Orders of early March 2020. Facebook LIVES run on a template developed by our CEO and Founder, Lea S. Denny, to meet Victims of Crimes healing and recovery needs during the year. 


Facebook LIVES focus on providing diverse and Indigenous-based or -inspired healing to our community members on a routine basis. These practices are there to increase relational health, decrease anxiety and depression and offer  therapeutic support. The medicine shared in our daily LIVES include cultural storytelling, breathing exercises, smudging, affirmations, relaxation techniques, and more. 


All live HIR Wellness programs have mental health professionals available for support.


Virtual Support Groups 

Healing through Social & Emotional Support

The programs are for adult age groups. Our variety of Virtual Support Groups initiate on Facebook LIVE to introduce concepts and focuses before transitioning to the private Zoom platform. The Zoom platform allows us to cultivate healing spaces and work with victims of crime while keeping our relatives safe as we are physically distant. In these Zoom spaces, our healers help provide support and practice coping skills with our relatives. 

All live HIR Wellness programs have mental health professionals available for support.

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