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CAM™ Training

CAM™ stands for Community Activated Medicine™, this training will help your organization evolve from trauma informed to healing informed. It will encourage steps towards organizational care and growth that promotes a paradigm shift in the understanding, development, implementation, and success of changing your work-culture. 

This training address issues in organizations such as vicarious and secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, decision fatigue, burnout, and moral injury in a way that strengths your team and helps them to identify their gifts and value that they bring to their work community. A focus within our training is on ancestral, intergenerational, and cultural wisdoms to build community care and resilience within an organization or workplace environments.

“Resilience is a tool for healing and creating just, loving, and sustainable conditions, not to rationalize violence and oppression”. 

Deliverables of CAM™ trainings include: a common language for workplace trauma experiences, expanded understanding of how to address and deal with organizational toxic-stress/ fatigue, introduce a CAM™ mindset, CAM terminology, the tenants of cultural and community perpetuity, tips and practices to tend to wellness, tools to sustainably empower and grow your team as a whole and as individuals. 

Click here to learn more about CAM™. 


Trauma Informed Healing Training

HIPP (Historical Intergenerational Persistent Personal) Trauma-Informed Healing training focuses on the impact, influence, and insight needed to reconcile, forgive, heal, and encourage unity for generational healing. This includes understanding the legacy of historical trauma and emotional and psychological toll it continues to have in individuals and BIPOC communities. Chronic and persistent experiences of Historical Trauma has led to pervasive mental , physical, and spiritual health outcomes. Our HIPP trainings can solely focus on breaking these concepts down with an emphasis on Historical Trauma, Intergenerational and Transgenerational Trauma, Persistent Toxic Stress Environments™ (PTSE™), and how these systemic issues surface and disrupt in ones life. There are various ways and modalities that we can introduce these teachings.


For more information or to request a training for your organization or team, please contact us below! 


Children's Fire

Children's Fire for Organizational Care

This training encourages steps towards organizational care that promotes a paradigm shift in the understanding , development, implementation, and success of evolving your work-culture. This can start from building stronger teams to executive structure shaping  policies, procedures, practices, evaluations and governance. 


The Children’s Fire is an ancient decision-making strategy that involves passing a specific question through a series of archetypical perspectives to assist all with a democratic process, “buy-in” to proposed ideas, and applying reflective thinking strategies to arrive at a group decision. The Children’s Fire is incorporated into the vision statement of Healing Intergenerational Roots (HIR) Wellness Institute to be a touchstone of our ultimate goals and ensure that the organizational decisions being made follow the two laws of the Children’s Fire: All things come from the feminine and nothing shall harm the Children’s Fire.


To bring the Children's Fire training to your organizations, please contact us below!


NMT Informed Trainings

The Neurosequential Network develops and disseminates innovative programs and practice to improve life for children, families and communities. The Neurosequential Model is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiology-informed approach to clinical problem solving. The model, developed by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, is not a specific therapeutic technique or intervention. It is an approach that integrates core principles of neurodevelopment and traumatology to inform work with children, families and the communities in which they live. We have two staff who are currently trained in the NMT, including phase II trained as a trainer of this approach. 

Female Presenter

Culturally Responsive Advocacy for Victims of Crime

Healing Intergenerational Roots (HIR) Wellness Institute provides culturally responsive advocacy for victims of crime and educates others about culturally responsive advocacy for Indigenous people. One of the main tenets of our advocacy is to empower our relative (victim-survivor client) with the tools to take the next step to improve their circumstance. This may include, but not be limited to, assistance with safety planning, assistance in finding community resources such as emergency shelter, and assistance with filing applications such as Restraining Orders in either-or or both county and tribal courts. Professional development about culturally responsive advocacy includes background on history, trauma and resilience of Indigenous people in the United States and Canada, current circumstances of Indigenous people, and suggestions on improving Indigenous advocacy.


Openings & Ceremonies

As part of our work, we believe it is crucial to bring our traditional practices into workspaces. We believe by doing this we can invite a connection of unity and honor our ways. Certain staff  on our team have the gift of responsibility to start meetings, ceremonies, trainings and conferences in a good way. This can include:


  • Indigenous prayer: Not unlike the benediction sometimes used before events, an Indigenous prayer will be said by one of our traditional practitioners. It will likely involve use of cultural medicines either prior to, during, or immediately following your event.

  • Chant: A song to bring good energy to your gathering, there are a number of options here as well. Single, groups, or large groups.

  • Presentations or Performances: HIR Wellness Institute is blessed to have many indigenous artists on staff including story tellers, singers, dancers, and painters.


Special Note: Traditionally as a part of gift economy and our efforts to encourage ancestral healing, an exchange is expected to take place. This may be monetary (any money goes toward the HIR Wellness organization) and-or a gift to the prayer leader. Gifts are determined by the value placed upon the service provided. In old ways, an elder being asked for their wisdom might receive a bag of groceries, a favorite dish or meal, an item of comfort (like a blanket), or something they would normally might not otherwise buy for themselves.


For more information or to start conversations on openings and ceremonies, please contact us below! 


Speciality Topics

Have an idea? Ask us. We might be able to help. We specialize on topics involving Indigenous people and mental-health focused programming, self-care programming, self-compassion programming, and even talking circles for your community. Some examples might include  talking with your staff or team about  our mental health-focused book clubs, art or other healing activities like vision boarding, Trauma Sensitive Trauma Centered (TSTC) yoga, movement therapy through dance and singing, shadow work with journaling with self-compassion, nature healing through planting seeds, connecting with the earth to individual events on self-care such as participating in our ongoing virtual therapeutic support programming.

Share your ideas and thoughts on what you are looking for  by contacting us below! 


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