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CAM™ MasterClass


In the summer of 2019, we launched our first Community Activated Medicine™ (CAM™) cohort in partnership. In addition to the internship placement, students join the CAM™ MasterClass, a one-year learning experience with our organization to learn about CAM™ and community resilience. HIR Wellness Institute is committed to supporting their paths as they lead in the next generation of counselors, advocates, and healers on the front line. 


What is CAM™?

CAM™ was developed by our CEO & Founder Lea Denny. CAM™ is where healing ways and community activism intersect to create action-oriented wellness; it is where the people are the medicine. A cohort consists of interns from Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Nonprofit Management, and Public Health. We take an interdisciplinary trauma-informed healing approach to raise awareness and community action on the complex experiences of social injustice, historical and intergenerational trauma, and Persistent Toxic Systems & Environments (PTSE). A term coined by Ms. Denny to express the felt and inescapable barriers in relation to ones' environment. Click here to learn more about CAM™.


What is a CAM™ cohort?

This unique 'Mental Health Without Borders' opportunity is a bridge from academic learning to real-world experiences through a practice-based and community-centered approach outside of an office. The cohort is co-facilitated with instructors who are global thought leaders to share cultural teachings while infusing clinical and community mental health practices. Interns are provided opportunities to join our Indigenous community events, CAM™ events, and CAMPsites™ to better understand their needs and strengths and activate their teachings. In addition, interns have the opportunity to lead and engage in our Healing Dojo podcast. Our goal is to empower new counselors to advocate and embody a culturally responsive practice when serving in diverse communities.


What is a CAM™ intern?

They are self-starters, ready to facilitate support groups, triage complex community needs, and foster healing relationships. They are stewards of community healing & resilience. CAM™ is all of us. 

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Lea S. Denny

CAM™ MasterClass Director and Instructor

She | Her

Lea is the Founder & CEO of HIR Wellness Institute & developed Community Activated Medicine™ (CAM™). Lea is our master instructor and provides an exclusive space for the CAM™ Cohort to engage in Indigenous healing ways and community activism. She facilitates unique access to her network as she coordinates our guest facilitators, innovative weekly content, and healing CAM™ events for practicum.


Fondé Bridges

CAM™ MasterClass Instructor

He | Him

Fondé is an author, speaker, and the Founder and Executive Chef at the Healthy Words™ Literary Kitchen. He can be found serving you the best literary diet on earth. Fondé works closely with interns to fuse the Healthy Words concepts with CAM™ both in and out of the podcast. 


Xavier Smart

CAM™ MasterClass Facilitator

He| Him

Xavier is a Community Healer and Counselor at HIR Wellness. Xavier is here to support the CAM™ Cohort interns as a leader who has been in their position. Xavier provides mentorship, supports the communication link for students, oversees our Alumni social media, and assists with podcast distribution. 


Jo Mackenzie

CAM™ MasterClass Coordinator

She/ They | Her/ Them

Jo is a Virtual Support Services Specialist and a Creative Indigenous Artist focused on strengthening communication, documentation, and training services within the CAM™ Masterclass and the HIR Wellness Institute. 


Cory Carline

CAM™ MasterClass Specialist

He/ They | Him/ Them

Cory is the Therapeutic Programs Specialist for HIR Wellness. They are here to help produce the oversee the Healing Dojo Podcast production. Cory is the developing LGTBQ2 Therapist at HIR Wellness Institute and case consultant for our two-spirit relatives.