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N8V-T Podcast

Coming this Spring!

Voices of the 8th Generation lead 

N8V-T [pronounced Native Tea] is a youth-led Podcast series by our daughters who have participated in our Daughters of Tradition [DOT] mentorship group. This is a Social Justice-focused Podcast Series collaborating with local women leaders. It is our collective call to action for change and embodies the teachings of the “Light of the Eighth and final Fire”, an eternal Fire of peace, love, brotherhood & sisterhood.

Our daughters will share cultural teachings, connections to plant medicines, and shared healing practices. It is a platform where they will elevate their voices and explore their ideas on the changes they see as necessary to heal our communities from both social and environmental injustices. Current and emerging women leaders will get the opportunity to hear Indigenous youth perspectives and together we will build pathways for empowering young feminine voices and advocacy. This is violence prevention, intervention, and restorative justice program. 


To support and ensure this program is provided to our daughters, please consider donating supplies or funds by clicking on the link below:

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