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Healing Dojo Podcast

Ignite the fire within

This innovative Podcast is an intern-led opportunity for our emerging practitioners to activate and embody mental health without borders. As an Intern enters the field we believe they must be able to master new ways to reach relatives (clients) and a Podcast is one way to increase their capacity for healing and stay current. Join the HIR Wellness Institute team, Interns, and Healthy Words™ literary head chef Fondé Bridges as he collaborates with us to engage in meaningful conversation around the complexities of our collective healing, learning, and living.

Each podcast is thoughtfully curated by Lea S. Denny, CEO & Founder of HIR Wellness, and addresses a variety of topics not limited to: mental health, Indigenous practices, and current collective traumas and world events.

If you are looking to engage in the conversation and reflect for yourself, come along with us as we free-think and activate our medicine together. Come as you are! There are no expectations, rules, or prerequisites. This is a self-paced, ala carte style library of Podcasts for you to explore, sample, and savor. To our existing and new relatives, please give us grace as we launch this pilot podcast.

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