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Who we are:

We are a survivor and women led matriarchal organization providing the next generation of care to victims of crime and violence. We seek to learn from our ancestors’ teachings and the ways of governance that worked for the global majority centuries prior to colonization, we invite our Indigenous roles into colonial spaces. Our ways are from many differing nations and our resilience has always rooted in the health and wellbeing of our communities while we thrive through social & value-based economies.


Our mission:

To increase mental health accessibility and inclusivity for health justice through demonetizing the relationships between the mental health systems, and those seeking mental health services within Indigenous and historically under-invested and therefore chronically underserved communities.



How we do this:

We liberate the practice, pedagogy, service delivery, and training of mental health by stewarding matriarchal shared-leadership of the Community Activated Medicine (CAM™) Framework™ and Intergenerational Healing Approach™.

Connections made directly with Victims of Crime (VOC) in the past year. 

Served in the last year

MMIWR: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives

HT: Human Trafficking

Reached this year from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn

Insights into Our Work
Community Based Participatory Research & Practice Based Generating Evidence

An example of our data placemats

GOT data placement.png

We asked our Daughters of Tradition:

I feel that the DOT program has increased my access to culturally responsive healing practices.

DOt particpant data-01.png

We asked our Daughters of Tradition Parents:

Because of the DOT program my child knows healing practices they can use from their culture.

DOT guardian - spring 2022 post survey-08.png