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Xavier Smart


Community Healer

& Counselor

“Your dreams, and ideas are whispers from your spirit and ancestors, helping to guide you along your journey. We, are who are ancestors prayed for.” 

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Xavier identifies as Bahamian & American. Xavier's journey has led him to HIR Wellness Institute as a Community Healer and Counselor. He has the opportunity to help others learn how to honor their voices, ancestors, and healing journey. In his role as a Community Healer and Counselor, Xavier provides a cross-coordination of care through offering community mental health services and individual counseling to Victims of Crime. He is a group facilitator for our Elders Historical Trauma Healing Book Club, Layers of Suicide Support (LOSS) group, and Emotional Sobriety and Trauma Healing support group. He is co-launching our Gatherer's of Tradition programming later this year, focused on violence prevention and intervention talking circles and support services. 

He continues to dream big as a counselor, artist, and photographer. He aspires to provide education, support, and healing to community members and mentor future helping professionals. The journey away from home was challenging for Xavier as he endured many struggles, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These experiences would lead him to begin his journey towards self-discovery, all while helping him gain clarity into how he can do his part in helping others. 


After graduating high school to pursue higher education, Xavier ventured to Wisconsin, first earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and later, his Master's Degree in Professional Counseling at Mount Mary University. During his time in both his bachelor's and master's program, Xavier quickly realized that the information taught, while very beneficial and helpful, came from a very Westernized Colonial viewpoint and seemed almost counterintuitive non-applicable when working within communities of color. Xavier felt that historical and intergenerational trauma topics were often glossed over with little mention of the real impact these experiences have on entire communities. As a Black man with degrees in the helping profession, Xavier feels a strong pull to provide Mental health education and support to communities of color who are often neglected, misdiagnosed, underrepresented, and told that their voices do not matter. He continues to grow his voice and strength through his work at HIRWI for BIPOC communities. 

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