5th Annual Virtual CAM™ & Red Sands Event for MMIW/R

Radical Healing for our Sisters:
Survivors, Families, Helpers, and Protectors

Collective Grieving, Healing, & Honoring for Community Mental Health Care.

3rd AnnualRed Sands.083
3rd AnnualRed Sands.057
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3rd AnnualRed Sands.058
3rd CAM™ and Red Sands Event
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3rd AnnualRed Sands.069
3rd CAM™ and Red Sands Event
4th CAM™ and Red Sands Event - MANA Award
4th CAM™ and Red Sands Event - MANA Award

Check out images from our last healing CAM™ events below!

Full event page launching November 8, 2021

Countdown to Our Event

Check Out Our Guest Speakers:

Raising the Frequency of Indigenous Community Voices

Ronnie Preston
Jeneile Lubke.jpg
Dr. Jeneile Luebke
Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 3.55.54 PM.png
Katrina Brook Flores
Valaria Tatera
Carlos Rivera.jpg
J. Carlos Rivera
Skye Alloway