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Event Handout
A Call to Action: Community Helpers & Healers

Our CAM™ events are a space for our Helpers and Healers to gather and offer their skills, gifts, energy, and wisdoms for community-based mental health warm-support. If you identify as a mental health provider, social worker, counselor, advocate, or cultural/ spiritual advisor and are interested in offering social and emotional support for our relatives at our event, please check-in at our registration booth and let our team know. You will be provided with a Helpers & Healers Pledge Card, a Community Activated Medicine™ Helper sticker, and invited to sign-up for our CAMPsite™ Helpers & Healers (H&H) Provider’s Network. Thank you from the HIR Wellness team for your support!  

CAM Helpers

Download Your Printable Somatic Healing Cards

Get to Know Your Trauma Responses
Ways to Practice Being More "In Your Body"
Nervous System Response
Stress and Anxiety: Key Differences & Why it Matters
Perfectionism As a Trauma Response
Things you need to now about the body and trauma
Why am I emotionally reactive?
How to start healing the trust wound
Signs of Financial Trauma
How to Use Movement to Get Motivated
The Window of Tolerance
Somatic Healing Cards
Learn More
Learn more about the Community Activated Medicine™ and Red Sands Event
Survivor Stones
Pouring of the Red Sands
Medicine Wheel Dress
Indigenous Drum
Stones for Survivors
MMIWR Ribbon Skirt
Indigenous Drum
Community Fire
Therapy Horse
Pouring of the Red Sands
Heart shaped embers
"I pledge" wall. a commitment to MMIWR
Paper Moccasins
MMIWR Social Justice Walk
Red Sands Pouring
Stones for Survivors
3rd CAM™ and Red Sands Event
MMIWR Social Justice Walk
Red Sands Pouring
MMIWR Red Ribbon Skirt
MANA NOW Award Ceremony
MANA NOW Award Ceremony
Red Sands Pouring Talking Circle

Images from previous healing CAM™ events

CAM & Red Sands Event
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