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Mariah Jensen

Fund Development Coordinator

“Everything happens for a reason, and those reasons guides our purpose in life” 

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Hello Relatives, my name is Mariah Jensen, a former clinical social work intern and now a current fund development coordinator here at HIR Wellness. I am born and raised in Southern Wisconsin and have been chasing my passion of helping others in their healing journeys since I can remember. I graduated from UW- Oshkosh with my bachelor’s in social work in 2020 and went on to graduate school at UW- Milwaukee, obtaining my master’s in social work with an emphasis in mental and behavioral health in 2021. I had the opportunity to spend my graduate internship experience at HIR Wellness, learning above and beyond my expectations as a student aspiring to decolonize mental health and bring healing beyond boarders. I come from a Christian faith background and continue to hold my spiritual beliefs close to my heart and healing. I am a survivor of sexual assault and continuous healer of anxiety. Through my work at HIR Wellness, I continue to learn how to be the clinician I always needed and wanted as a child as well as continue to work on my current healing journey.  

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