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Malia Chow


Community Healer & Advocate

"To me the Children's Fire is holistic... it is based on the perspectives and the impact of the community as a whole. The children's fire is multi-dimensional...and always to serve the future generations. It recognizes that decision making is not a linear process, and that decisions being made will have an outcome for all."

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Malia is a Native Hawaiian woman, artist, musician, dancer, teacher, environmental advocate, and mother, and one who believes that participation in cultural and artistic practices is an essential part of healing, especially for Indigenous people. She believes in rediscovering and honoring our connection to each other, and the 'āina [land] keeps us grounded and helps to promote balance- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her passions include teaching others how to integrate indigenous wisdom and principles into their daily lives, especially regarding environmental and cultural practices.  

As a community healer, Malia facilitates virtual wellness programming through our R&R Facebook LIVEs that meet Monday through Friday at 8 a.m., Daughters of Tradition mentorship group, and Elders Historical Trauma Healing Book Clubs offered twice a week and many ongoing services and programming that serves victims of crime. Malia's healing gift is to create culturally responsive and healing-focused programs that enrich individuals' lives and the community in honor of indigenous wisdom and the spirit of aloha [love]. 

As an advocate and survivor of violence, she supports survivors who have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous People [MMIP]. She currently serves as the HIRWI chair for the MANA Award [Maile's Achievement Nurturing Ambition] committee in honor of her sister Maile, a victim of human trafficking. This award was established in her memory to recognize the survivors of violence and their families who carry their legacy.  


She attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Hawaii Manoa, Kapi'olani Community College, and The Milwaukee Area Technical College.

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