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Jo Mackenzie

Virtual Support Services Specialist

Creative Indigenous Artisan

"I strive to create more accessible and inclusive spaces because, I believe it is my duty to make the world a better place. It is my hope that creating these spaces more people will be able to help in achieving this goal."

she/they | her/them | hers/theirs

Mx. Mackenzie is a five-spirit (gender identity) creative artisan of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin. Jo is a paragon of knowledge with many talents and interests. Her current devotion is in communications and fiber arts. She produces high-quality products that are greatly praised as they reflect her creativity, determination towards inclusivity, and a fierce desire to invest into the future and growth of her culture. These unique qualities combine in unexpected ways producing beautiful pieces of functional artwork. 


Alchemizing her high-level abilities in art and her history in a technology rich environment, her most sought-after trait has become her collaboration skills. Jo Mackenzie has excellent communication compounded with the “patience of a saint”. She weaves with her partners to connect complex subjects gracefully and thoroughly in audible, written, and visual formats highlighting her determination towards inclusivity and accessibility. 


Jo’s background does not boast scholastic degrees. Her education covers a more indigenous and hands on learning, like what she earned with the organization S.E.E.D (Seeking Education Equity and Diversity) Along with her social justice journey she has worked closely, for many years, with her tribe as a computer software and hardware trainer. This elevated her desire to bridge the gap between her fellow tribal members and computer literacy. 


It was on the outskirts of her family homestead (where she spent many hours in reflection and self-study) that Jo was forced to face the troubles of living in small town Wisconsin with dyslexia and learning difficulties. These testing experiences informed her own process of training and teaching with technology. She is now an individual committed to communication, physical and educational accessibility, as well as Indigenous futurism. 

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