Cory M. Carline


First Nations Education Doctorate Student

Therapeutic Programs Manager

'It is essential to dream and to remember what power you have in being a whole human being, by examining your worldview assumptions and actions. A whole human being embraces a worldview with the understanding that we are all intimately interconnected.'

- Dr. Anita Sanchez, Mexican-American and Aztec

he/they | him/them | his/theirs

​Cory identifies as Indigenous- Mexican-American, Nahua & Tarahumara; English, Scottish, & Norwegian ancestry. Their background encompasses working with at-hope children, youth, and families across the lifespan as a teacher, consultant, and social worker in Child Protection. They are an instructor of various early childhood-focused courses including the Pyramid Model: Social & Emotional Development for Young Children and Strengthening Families Framework. In their position as Therapeutic Programs Manager, they oversee daily operations for the HIRWI clinic, including mentorship and guidance for counseling interns serving victims of crime. Cory offers counseling and consultation services for our LGBTQ2S+ victims of crime. Besides enhancing services for direct relative mental health care, they support the Elder Healing Historical Trauma Book Club and services coordination as a liaison for Elder programming. 

They are a survivor of intergenerational trauma and are committed to strengthening familial connections, cultural preservation, and always respecting one's story as sacred. Their roots grew in kinship with a warm-hearted family in the Oneida, Wisconsin community of Oneida and Mexican ancestry. They encourage Cory to serve with gratitude with our most vulnerable and oppressed populations, specifically our Native American relatives. Their previous graduate research emphases were on best practices for serving our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) & two-spirit (2S) relatives, with a particular focus on our transgender non-conforming (TGNC) community in Social Work and Clinical settings. They are completing their self-paced curañdero studies with the University of New Mexico to provide cultural healing to our relatives from the Southwest & Mexico. 

Cory completed their Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at UW-Green Bay, focusing on clinical practice, and achieved an Advanced Practice Social Worker (CAPSW) license. Cory is completing their doctoral studies at UW-Green Bay in First Nations Education and Clinical Social Work licensure with HIR Wellness. 

Ma totahtzin anmechmopieli 
[May the Sun take care of you]