The Daughters of Tradition group is a 12-week program based on the White Bison curriculum that promotes healing through sisterhood, culture, mentorship, and activism. It is an intertribal, intergenerational group that helps young girls grow into their role as a community member. They are taught cultural teachings by invited peers, mothers, aunties, elders, and other guests. They learn about Wisconsin Tribes, sacred medicines, and share teachings. They also learn new ways to increase coping skills and build positive self-esteem and communication skills. The girls focus on ways to create lasting and healthy relationships, learn to how to support each other's needs, how to activate social change in their communities, and build leadership skills.   

  • Little sisters (K5-2rd)
  • Sisters (3-5th) 

  • Mentor sisters ( 6-8th)

  • Ambassadors (8th-12th)

The little sisters and sisters spend their time learning with the support from those who have been part of the group. The little sisters and sisters are offered space to learn and develop into mentors. Mentors and ambassadors are our eldest of the sisters. These are young women who have gone through the sessions and are now able to help teach the newer sisters in the group and represent the Daughters of Tradition in other spaces. They have the opportunity to present at conferences, build resumes and provide leadership within the group. Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn up to 50+ Service-Learning Hours with a certificate at the end of each 12-week session. 

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"Illness becomes wellness when I becomes We"
Healing Intergenerational Roots for All Nations-One Tribe 

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